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"Little things" can be true treasures...A sunflower in your garden, dancing or sleeping without pain, a hug of a true friend, driving a 67´th Ford Mustang Shelby GT, and drinking beer in paradise. But the greatest treasure which you can have is your health, love, and a safe home!!!




I am Monika from Germany. My nicknames are "Nik" or "Nika". I´m a rebel & proud outsider. A "different thinker". I see things with "other eyes" than the bulk of the society. Nothing more to say, guys.


My first book: "Nicht gerade gesellschaftsfähig" / German Edition via http://www.amazon.de/Nicht-gerade-gesellschaftsf%C3%A4hig-Monika-Wegner/dp/3941930915/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1354195461&sr=1-1

...it´s a reckoning with the society. 

This book has now also published in English viahttp://www.amazon.com/Not-quite-sociable-ebook/dp/B00A63AXT4/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1353435981&sr=1-1&keywords=Not+quite+sociable  

My second book is just mystery & comedy. It´s a parody ;)

English Edition via   http://www.amazon.com/Superneurotica-Angel-Fritzes-Us-ebook/dp/B00BW6KSO4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1363681072&sr=8-1&keywords=Superneurotica-the+Angel%2C+the+Fritzes


German Edition via http://www.amazon.de/Superneurotica-Engel-die-Fritz%C2%B4ges-ebook/dp/B00AED1HXC/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1354201048&sr=1-1#_


My third book, just mystery & comedy again / German Edition  via http://www.amazon.de/Kyriel-Kyriella-Attack-Mega-ebook/dp/B00ARTJHA8/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1356202120&sr=1-1


English Edition via http://www.amazon.com/Kyriel-Kyriella-Attack-Mega-ebook/dp/B00D4VDHIO/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1370155547&sr=1-1&keywords=Kyriel+and+Kyriella+Attack

NEW! NEU! https://www.amazon.de/dp/B0757QZ5FG/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1504108172&sr=1-2&keywords=bye+bye%2C+baby%2C+goodbye




My "chapter 8" , it´s a continuation of "Superneurotica "...

English Edition via


German Edition via


it´s for free...

Also a kind word to people who have really hard to struggle is for free! http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sp3a3a




 Here is a little story with an important message... (in English & German )



End of December. A winter month, some year. A deserted country road somewhere in the middle of Europe. A covered wagon, pulled by a gaunt old cold blood. Two people, a man and a woman in the middle-age are walking beside the horse which runs in slow step. The man on the right side, the woman on the left. Both are wrapped to the chin in thick coats and scarves. An icy wind blows them mercilessly the first snow of the year in the face. It´s only noon, but the day is dark, gray and lifeless. The steps of the people are tired, as are the steps of the horse.

All of sudden the horse comes to halt, its breathing is heavy and rattling, blood trickling from its nostrils. The woman caresses the animal, in whose eyes already is written eternity.

"The horse will die. It´s sick, it cannot move the wagon anymore. "

The man looks sadly at the woman, the woman cries.

Without a word, he finally begins to unstretch the horse. Hardly finished, he pulls an old gun from his coat pocket, the woman kisses the horse again on the forehead, whereupon the man redeems the draft animal from his torment with a single shot.

With tears in their eyes, the man and the woman look at each other.

They know, even between both of them, they will not be able to move the wagon...

After a few minutes of silence, they finally decide to simply leave behind their last belongings. For days they had not had a meal. Had only felt cold, looking for warmth and a roof over their heads. But anyone wanted to deal with them! People had chased them begging pack and gypsies, and even threatened them with the "authorities".

Without hope to experience the next day, they went on. Ahead on a road that led to nowhere. All around snowy fields, meadows and forests. Wolves howling in the distance. The snowfall became more intense.

The woman stopped, and stretched her hand out to the man. He took the hand which was freezing, fondled it and kissed it.

"Where are we going? Where can we go? Where will they not treat us like lepers?Where will we finally find a home? Tell me, my husband, when will we find peace after all?"

But the man did not know the answer. Just shook his head with huge tears in his eyes, and looked entirely like a handful of misery without hope whatsoever.

The woman had understood. Holding hands, they now walked ahead. Yes, they would keep walking until their legs, until their feet would no longer carry them. They knew that they would not be alive by the end of the day. Hunger and cold would take their relentless toll.

They also did not have the will, neither the strength to fight it. There had been too many struggles in their life. Too many lost battles. It was a cold and ruthless world in which they lived. People only were eager to multiply their possessions, and by no means to share them with less fortunate people.

Wars were fought because of envy, greed, ambition, hatred, and primitive lust for power.

No, in this world there was no room for people who still "could hear the butterflies fly".

No place for dreamers, no place for romantic story writers and sensitive crossheads.

The snowfall had turned into a fully grown snowstorm now. Of the woman and the man with no homeland, nothing more was to be seen. The evening was falling. A pack of wolves trotted over a wide field. The strom apparently did not bother them. They were hungry, looking for food.

Shadowy, a dimly lit small town could be seen. It was the evening before Holy Night!

People would go to church for midnight mass, and give thanks for the "arrival of Jesus Christ".  Afterwards, they would, like every year, fill the belly with various delicacies and give a shit for people who in the cold of the "Holy Night" had lost their lives.

Monika "Nika" Wegner ( forefatherly "von Thurau" / East Prussia ) ... another "homeless" one...

("German Versionon the second page )







If he wants to talk listen to him. If he will NOT talk, give him a beer and a kiss and leave him alone for one hour. Because good relationships need air to breathe...




"Wisdom of my Archangel"

A man who devotes himself to his God-given passions unhesitatingly and truly and without blame, since ever and always has been in danger to draw on himself the evil, the envious and the destructive. The degree of purity of feelings must be so extreme to shatter the meanness like a fiery meteor.




"Wisdom of a unimportant angel" ;)

People who live their God-given passions & talents open & honest, are like gladiators in an arena. Around them, the mob, lurking on the genuflection & death of the hero .







Next: Poems without rhyme or reason ?





I cannot say with words how much I love you. You are in my thoughts, in my heart, in my soul. You angel, filled my darkness with light & hope. Angel, I never want to lose you!  Your name is so beautiful... so beautiful like the moon in the winter and the sun in the summer....so beautiful like the whole universe! As beautiful as a new star is born out of nowhere.....sorry, i can´t tell you the name because this name is too scary...




Angel, you, my protector, my aide and my savior, you gave everything for me - I gave everything for you. I would die for you, my Angel! Die for a creature so beautiful and pure, that words alone are not sufficient to honor it. I love you, Angel! Without you I feel so lonely in my dark chamber of life. You illuminate my days and nights with golden lights, you dry my tears, when despair and pain almost tear my heart out. Your strong wings embrace me and keep me warm... You sacrifice your whole existance for me, I thank you for that, and I swear, never to push you away from me, and to receive you with open arms when you feel alone and abandoned. Even my life I would give for you if God wanted it that way. Angel, being of light, warmth and divine omnipotence, you are inside me, around me, you hold my hand... let me hold yours when doubt, coldness, sadness and darkness torment you. Angel, thou my only true love, I put my heart at your feet, so much I love you! I love you more than I should, love you more than permitted! I know that you feel similar. See it in your eyes...your beautiful blue eyes. You do not want to talk about it, keeping silence regarding your feelings. But how can love be a sin ? Please, Angel, do not torment yourself any longer, terminate your inner struggle and come to me, to me, in my arms! Let me hold you, kiss you...let me love you! And if your brothers and sisters should wish to punish you for this love, they rather might kill or banish me so that YOU only shall be eternal, my love. I kiss your heavenly soul, my Angel, kiss your lips, kiss your front and merge with you into a single warm  and brilliant light that shines a thousand times brighter than the fires of hell...

...your girl.   









































<<<Nika "Nobody" without lies, make up, false eyelashes & false facade...

(older picture)

That´s me today. After ( too much ?) battles. I have to admit: I love my basecap :)









What I miss... There is no more profundity in this society, no cohesion - no values. No sympahty for people who see the truth behind the "big lie".  The basis of knowledge is  to learn!  "Salvation from the evil", you can just find in yourself. It is a constant search for light, warmth & love. Only the eternity is forever...

"Do not rely on others, because then you´re leaving" ( the exception are TRUE friends).  False charity, misunderstandings, & false gossip is widespread. The principle "I ´ll help you, you help me", is seemingly out. And envy, greed, & hate poison the hearts of men.

Yeah, I am a rebel. I´m not swimming with the mass. I follow just my own free will. Because anything else would be slavery 



"cursed angel - i´m on my way back home"...follow the light of your inner child.



...see ya on the next page?







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